About Our Company

Metherell Financial is a financial services organization, which has been offering individuals and their families tailored financial advice for over 35 years. Our goal is to help clients realize their financial dreams and mitigate financial stresses. Metherell Financial specializes in retirement planning, estate planning and estate settlement. The Metherell advisors can also assist with insurance and risk management, tax planning and investment needs at any stage in life. Whether you’re saving to buy a house, putting money aside for your child’s education, dreaming of a big trip or planning for retirement, Metherell Financial is here to help.

The services we provide

Insurance & Living Benefits

Our greatest asset is our ability to earn income or care for our families. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing you and your family are protected in the case of untimely death, illness or disability.

Investment Management

You work hard for your money, it’s time to get your money working hard for you. Whether it’s tax sheltering, receiving government grants or reduced fees, there is investment option that suits your needs.


Let’s turn your goal into a plan because Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said “failing to plan, is planning to fail”. Having a solid financial plan can mitigate financial stress and turn your dream to reality.

Take the Stress Away

According to a survey conducted by the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada, Canadians cite money worries as their greatest source of stress and 87% say they wish they had made better financial decisions. Money worries can be caused by lack of knowledge, lack of funds and poor planning.  But we can help! Working with a financial advisor allows you to mitigate some of your financial stress through education, planning and tailored advice. Together we will establish a personal relationship, set financial goals and create a plan towards success while navigating the world of financial markets, government regulations and taxation. Whether your goals include buying your first house, putting your children through school or leaving a legacy inheritance to your grandchildren, we can help make your dreams a reality!


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