Planning Services

Financial Planning

A financial plan can act as a road map for your financial future. Getting a grasp on your finances today, setting goals for the future and developing strategies to achieve those goals can significantly reduce financial stress. At Metherell Financial we can help make your financial dreams comes true! Because lets face it – a goal without a plan is really just a wish!

Retirement Planning

Benjamin Franklin said failing to plan is planning to fail and this is true when it comes to retirement planning! Retirement can be broken down into three stages – your go-go years, your slow-go years and your no-go years. Each stage has various financial implications that must be considered and accounted for. Retirees often don’t have the opportunity to make more money so its important the funds are managed appropriately to ensure you can live out your retirement and final years as you wished.

Estate Planning

Estate planning deals with the transfer of wealth to the next generation. You have worked hard to build your nest egg and we want to help minimize taxation and estate shrinkage. Using effective estate planning strategies we can ensure your funds are distributed as you intended and make the process as easy as possible.